Zack Littell sent to Triple-A after heated exchange with Giants’ Gabe Kapler


Giants option Littell after heated exchange with Kapler originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

SAN FRANCISCO — Zack Littell has not had a good season and has pitched in three of the last four games, so given the way the Giants are handling their active roster, he would likely have been a contender at some point this year. selected. week anyway.

He may have expedited the process Monday night.

Littell was named to Triple-A Sacramento a day back after an incident with manager Gabe Kapler on the mound in the eighth inning of the Giants’ 3-2 victory over the Atlanta Braves.

Lefty Thomas Szapucki returned from Triple-A to join the bullpen.

Littell gave up two runs in an even game and was retired so that the Giants could let Scott Alexander play on the left against Braves star Matt Olson. Littell expressed his displeasure and angrily told Kapler that he wanted to stay in the game. After making the pitching change, Kapler took Littell back to the dugout tunnel for a chat.

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“I just said I wanted Olson,” Littell told reporters after the game. “Not that I pitched well enough to deserve that. I think every guy out there wants to finish an inning. That was all. Frustration that I couldn’t get through that and absolutely no frustration towards [Kapler]. I was just frustrated with myself and yes, I came out like that.”

Littell said he apologized to Kapler after the game, noting that “that’s something we obviously don’t really want to discuss during the game, and we both knew that.”

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Kapler said after the game that he understood Littell was frustrated in the heat of the battle, but there was a better way to deal with it.

“I think Zack clearly wanted to stay in that game,” Kapler said. “He’s a competitor and wanted to finish that inning and I think he just wanted me to know he wanted that inning. Obviously there’s a way to do that. Zack knows that. We discussed it.

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“He knows that when I come out to get the ball, all he has to do is put the ball in my hand, then we’ll talk about something later. We open the door for conversations when players come in and out of games, and I” I’m happy to discuss those things with players. There’s a way to do that. I think Zack understands that.”

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Littell was part of a strong bullpen last season but has had a bad year. He has a 5.08 ERA in 39 appearances and already had one stint in Triple-A.

Monday night’s appearance was Littell’s third in four days and he probably wouldn’t have been available Tuesday anyway.

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