Zelenskyy criticizes Donald Trump for praising Putin, says US president had ‘enough time’ to gauge threat


President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2019.Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images

  • Zelenskyy said Trump should have been aware of Putin’s true nature before praising him.

  • The ex-US president has mixed his condemnation of the war in Ukraine with lingering admiration for Putin.

  • Zelenskyy said Trump had been given “enough time” to sort out the Russian president.

Donald Trump has had “enough time” to uncover President Vladimir Putin’s true nature, the Ukrainian leader said in an interview.

President Volodymyr Zelesnkyy told CNN that the former US president has had “enough time, plenty of time” to understand who Putin is.

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Trump expressed his admiration for Putin during his presidency — and this continued even after Russian tanks entered Ukrainian land on Feb. 24, though he has also condemned the war.

Hours before the invasion, as Putin’s forces gathered on three sides of the Ukrainian border, Trump said admiringly that he had “taken over a country for $2 in sanctions. I’d say that’s pretty smart.” according to images taken in Mar-a-Lago and shared on social media.

And even after the reality of the invasion became apparent, Trump has combined condemnation of the war with continued praise, as CNN reported.

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At a rally in Georgia in March, Trump called the invasion a “big mistake” but noted his admiration for authoritarian leaders like Putin by saying, “The smartest comes at the top,” as The Guardian reported.

During an interview broadcast on Sunday, Zelenskyy said that Trump had “reached such a high position that it is not even possible not to recognize that he is the adversary, in terms of values, of your own people.

“In this position, you have to understand who Putin is, what he is aiming for and what steps he will take to get there,” he added.

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“But this war has no distances it cannot cover,” he said. “Probably he needed this to promote his domestic policies.”

While Congress has voted multiple times for multibillion-dollar military packages for Ukraine with bipartisan support, the GOP’s harsh judge has leaned towards Putin.

As Insider’s Charles Davis reported, “MAGA” Republicans like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the blame for Putin’s war is more comfortable with Biden than with the Russian leader himself – a line Trump himself has followed.

“I have no doubt that President Putin made his decision … only after seeing the pathetic withdrawal from Afghanistan,” he told CPAC in August.

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