Zurich Airport: Swiss machine triggers fire brigade alarm


Smoke alarm triggered

Emergency call: Swiss aircraft must be escorted by the fire brigade in Zurich

Excitement at Zurich Airport: On Saturday evening, a Swiss machine triggered an emergency call shortly before landing. Passengers can disembark the plane unharmed.

A Swiss aircraft had to be received by the fire brigade at Zurich Airport on Saturday evening. (icon picture)

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The emergency call came in late on Saturday evening shortly before landing at Zurich Airport. The trigger is a Swiss plane from Malaga, as confirmed by Swiss on Sunday morning at the request of CH Media. The machine stops on the runway after landing. Several fire engines drive there and escort the plane to the gate. There, passengers with a slight delay can disembark without prejudice.

The reason for the emergency call was a smoke detector, Swiss continues. Because this was triggered, the aircraft crew made an emergency call. This corresponds to the standard procedure when a smoke detector is activated. It is not yet known why the smoke alarm went off. The “Blick” had first reported on the incident. (aka)